Group of Students

On early August, a group of tutors and students from the Architecture School at Universidad de la República, Montevideo, visited UK at ADF to hear about our work, learn about our plans for the British Pavilion in next year's Venice Architecture Biennale, and to get some tips on Architecture in the UK.

This is part of an around-the-world trip, known as Viaje de Arquitectura, which is an integral part of their programme and has been enabling Uruguayan students to see some of the world's architectural wonders first hand since 1944. The trip is organised by the students themselves, with support from academic staff.

The trip lasts around 6 months, and takes in cities and key architectural projects on all continents. Each of the 300 or so students leads on their own individual projects, and propose unique outcomes as part of their research. Incredibly, people all across Uruguay contribute to the costs of the trip by buying raffle tickets from students, with funds going towards the organisation and the trip itself.

We were their first stop in London, and before entering the UK the students had covered parts of France and Belgium. The trip is recorded on a website, where students and tutors upload blog posts and where anyone can track their movements around the globe - they are currently in Copenhagen.

They kindly presented us with a lasercut model of the School's facade, and promised to welcome us back in Montevideo when we do our own ADF world tour!