Science affects our lives in many ways, so it is important that we recognise how scientific advances will shape our future lives. 

The British Council helps people around the world who are interested in improving the world through science, using and adapting technologies for their own needs and having a say in democratic processes and using new media. We actively encourage youth involvement through our programmes and are constantly looking for ways to develop this further. Images of a modern Britain are unthinkable without science.

British Council Uruguay is working with the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO), represented by the British Embassy in Montevideo, to implement the Latin American Science and Innovation Fund. This is a UK provided fund provided by the UK and intended to finance projects in science and innovation and to strengthen links between Uruguayan and UK organisations working in this field.  

There are a number of different types of programme which represent an opportunity for Uruguayan and British researchers to participate in joint projects between both countries:

The Science and Innovation projects offer funding for projects and travel grants for Uruguayan researchers to visit UK universities. Researcher Connect is a professional development course with a focus on communication skills. Researcher Links isa programme that offers travel grants to Uruguayan researchers and workshops in Uruguay. The workshops aim is to build research capacity in Uruguay, enhance and strengthen links for future collaboration and enhance the researchers’ career opportunities. The STEM programme gives the opportunity for organisations to learn from the UK’s experience of STEM education, and finally, the Capacity Building with ANII aims to increase the skills and knowledge of this important Uruguayan organisation.   

Important proposals from public and Uruguayan universities and other organisations have been received, as well as proposals from renowned British institutions and entities. British Council Uruguay is very pleased to be able to contribute to the social and economic development in the country as well as promoting links between organisations in Uruguay and the UK.

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